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Hope Shines Bright: Veteran Receives Long-Awaited Solar Power

Updated: Jun 27

When faced with long-standing challenges, the support of dedicated organizations and the promise of a brighter future can make all the difference. This was the case for Leonard Wilson, a former Marine (’74-’77), who reached out to Diné Naazbaa Partnership (DNP) in August 2023 with a hopeful inquiry about solar kits. Leonard had been living without electricity for a significant time, and the prospect of a solar-powered home offered a glimmer of hope.

DNP promptly connected Leonard with the Veterans Medical Leadership Council, and he was selected for the solar kit program. Despite the selection, the journey was not without its challenges. Adverse weather conditions caused delays, and the resource team had to await donor approval to begin the installation. Meanwhile, necessary surveys and preparations were completed at Leonard’s home, ensuring everything was in place for the installation.


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In June 2024, DNP received an exciting update from the Purposed Focused Organization: Leonard’s solar project was nearing completion. The final visit was scheduled to provide Leonard with his battery and perform a minor setup. When DNP followed up with Leonard, his joy was palpable. He even requested a DNP shirt to wear proudly.

To celebrate this milestone, DNP Case Coordinator Karen Shirley made a trip to Birdsprings, AZ, to congratulate Leonard in person. This moment symbolizes not just the completion of a project but the dawn of a brighter, more hopeful future for Leonard, thanks to the power of community and perseverance.

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