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Diné Naazbaa

Diné Naazbaa Partnership™ (DNP) is committed to improving veterans’ quality of life on the Navajo Nation through the coordination of local services and opportunities; from housing and employment to enrollment in VA e-benefits, healthcare, recreation, and more.


About The Program:

Diné Naazbaa Partnership™ (DNP) is a veteran-focused, community-led initiative to proactively connect with all veterans and ensure access to quality resources and opportunities available in collaboration with the community. The Navajo Nation is 27,413 square miles, the largest reservation in the country, and is one of the least supported in terms of infrastructure with many homes not having electricity or running water. According to the Navajo Nation Veterans Administration, the Nation is home to approximately 14,000 Veterans (2021). This rural and vast community makes access to support and opportunities challenging for veterans and their families and many are not aware of resources or the benefits they’ve earned. Veteran organizations focused on direct services can be supported by outreach to veterans that may benefit from their services; and local and surrounding community offerings are often unaware of what the veterans on Navajo Nation are needing, looking for, or how to best get involved. 

DNP is standing by to serve veterans, their families, and caregivers on the Navajo Nation. Coordinated assistance with veterans’ benefits and connections to local and national resources are just a call away!

For questions, please contact Bernadine Tyler at


Connect With Us

Connect With Us

Connect With Us

Are you a veteran, or family/caregiver of a veteran? Fill out this form to connect to resources and opportunities.

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Meet Our Program Lead


Bernadine Tyler

Program Lead

Bernadine (Bernie) Tyler serves as the Program Lead for the Diné Naazbaa Partnership program, supporting Navajo Nation veterans, their families, and caregivers through the America’s Warrior Partnership Community Integration Model. 


Bernie was born, raised, and lives on the Navajo Nation in Shiprock, New Mexico. Her clans are Many Hogans born for Red Running Into Water and her grandparents are the Water Flows Together and Bitter Water clans. Bernie is an Army veteran and was inspired to travel when she went abroad to Beijing, China after her senior year to play volleyball. She served as a Microwave Systems Operator/Maintainer (MOS 31P). After the Army, she worked in information technology and administration.  


Bernie has utilized her career and life experiences to assist veterans in her community for the last fifteen years. She now brings this knowledge and fluency in her Navajo language to DNP to increase support for her fellow veterans on the Navajo Nation. Lastly, she enjoys attending NFL games to support her team, the Philadelphia Eagles, as well as cooking, figuring out complex puzzles and tending to her three fur animals.

Support Us

Support DNP

Interested in supporting the veteran community on Navajo Nation? Please donate electronically using the form. 

If you have a vehicle that you are looking to get rid of, DNP is now accepting vehicle donations in partnership with Vehicles for Veterans! Call 1-855-811-4838 or visit the link for more info!

Our Impact

Meet the Team


Bernadine Tyler

Program Lead

Karen Shirley

Community Coordination Associate
Meet The Team

Please note some events are for fundraising purposes and may require an RSVP.

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